Misc. Products

Make mealtime enjoyable again for patients with swallowing or chewing difficulties. Pureed diets become more attractive, colorful, and flavorful when you use our Pureed Food Enhancer and Instant Food Thickener. These products are convenient and cost effective. Quality and consistency is our guarantee!


BrandProductPackCodeNutrition Info
Nutricare Pureed Food Enhancer 6/20 oz. Bag 592454

Food ThickenerUsage Chart English Spanish

BrandProductPackCodeNutrition Info
Nutricare Instant Food Thickener 12/8 oz. Can509649
Nutricare Instant Food Thickener 10# Pail 509685
Nutricare Instant Food Thickener 25# Pail 509614

Thickened Beverages

BrandProductPackCodeNutrition Info
Nutricare Thickened Coffee (Nectar Const-Decaf) 72/Pack 509540


Fat free, low sodium, no MSG, all are full bodied to bring out the best in all your foods. Light Flavor-Glow is a fat free bouillon with very little sodium. Excellent in bringing out the natural flavors in any recipe.

Light Flavor-Glow

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BrandProductPackCodeNutrition Info
Flavor-Glow Light Flavor-Glow 12/qt. 722703
Flavor-Glow Light Flavor-Glow 2/1 gal. 722711
Flavor-Glow Light Flavor-Glow 4/1 GAL. 722710

Dietetic Gravy Mix

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BrandProductPackCodeNutrition Info
Nutricare Beef Gravy 6/32 oz. Tub 733833
Nutricare Poultry Gravy 6/32 oz. Tub 734133


Give your patients a healthy alternative to sugary snacks and desserts. Nutricare products are all great-tasting and sugar-free, with delightful flavors that make wonderful desserts, snacks, or special treats.


BrandProductPackCodeNutrition Info
Nutricare Egg Custard Mix 6/18 oz. 507063
Nutricare Reduced Calorie Custard6/22 oz. 509263
Nutricare Sugar-Free Custard 72/24 gm. 509039


BrandProductPackCodeNutrition Info
Nutricare S/F Assorted Gelatin(2 ea. Cherry, Lemon, Lime, Orange, Raspberry & Strawberry) 12/3 oz. Bags 551661
Nutricare S/F Assorted Red Gelatin (3 ea. Cherry #5503, Raspberry #5513, Strawberry #5515) 12/3 oz. Bags 551761 N/A
Nutricare S/F Assorted Citrus Gelatin (3 ea. Orange #5510, Lemon #5507, Lime #5508) 12/3 oz. Bags 551961 N/A
Nutricare S/F Cherry Gelatin 12/3 oz. Bags 550361 N/A
Nutricare S/F Lemon Gelatin 12/3 oz. Bags 550761 N/A
Nutricare S/F Lime Gelatin 12/3 oz. Bags 550861 N/A
Nutricare S/F Orange Gelatin 12/3 oz. Bags 551061 N/A
Nutricare S/F Raspberry Gelatin 12/3 oz. Bags 551361 N/A
Nutricare S/F StrawberryGelatin 12/3 oz. Bags 551561 N/A

No Sugar Added Instant Pudding Mix

BrandProductPackCodeNutrition Info
Nutricare Instant Vanilla Pudding 12/16 oz. Bags 553863 N/A
Nutricare Instant Chocolate Pudding 12/16 oz. Bags 552563
Nutricare Instant Lemon Pudding 12/16 oz. Bags 552963 N/A
Nutricare Instant Butterscotch Pudding 12/16 oz. Bags 552163 N/A
Nutricare Instant BananaPudding 12/16 oz. Bags 552063 N/A
Nutricare Assorted Instant Pudding**(Asst.=3.-Vanilla, 3-Chocolate,2-Lemon, 2-Butterscotch & 2-Banana)12/16 oz. Bags 553963

Sugar-Free Cake Mix

BrandProductPackCodeNutrition Info
Nutricare Assorted Cake Mix**(Spice, Banana, Chocolate, Lemon, Yellow & White) 12/20 oz. Bag 652666
Nutricare Yellow Cake Mix 12/20 oz. Bag 652066 N/A
Nutricare Spice Cake Mix 12/20 oz. Bag 652166 N/A
Nutricare Banana Cake Mix 12/20 oz. Bag 652266 N/A
Nutricare Chocolate Cake Mix 12/20 oz. Bag 652366 N/A
Nutricare Lemon Cake Mix 12/20 oz. Bag 652466 N/A
Nutricare White Cake Mix 12/20 oz. Bag 652566 N/A

Nutritional Supplement

Nutricare Nutritional Supplement is a powdered formula which mixes easily with milk to form a complete and balanced nutritional supplement. This is a very versatile formula, with delicious chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla flavors that mix easily in juice, pudding, hot cereal, and desserts.

Suga-Free Breakfast Syrup

BrandProductPackCodeNutrition Info
Nutricare Vanilla Supplement 8/2.1# Bag 725061 N/A
Nutricare Chocolate Supplement 8/2.1# Bag 725161 N/A
Nutricare Strawberry Supplement 8/2.1# Bag 725261 N/A
Nutricare Assorted Supplement(3/Vanilla, 2/Chocolate, 3/Strawberry) 8/2.1# Bag 725461
Nutricare Vanilla Supplement 30/1.13 oz. 725062 N/A
Nutricare Chocolate Supplement 30/1.13 oz. 725162 N/A
Nutricare Strawberry Supplement 30/1.13 oz. 725262 N/A

Breakfast Syrups

At last, a healthy, delicious sugar-free pancake and waffle syrup. Nutricare Sugar-Free Breakfast Syrup gives you the "real" taste of maple syrup, with no bitter after taste. Enjoy a healthy alternative with no sugar, low calories, and low sodium in convenient, economical containers

Sugar-Free Breakfast Syrup

BrandProductPackCodeNutrition Info
Nutricare Breakfast Syrup 12/pt. 201602
Nutricare Breakfast Syrup 12/12 OZ. 201606
Nutricare Breakfast Syrup 4/1 GAL. 201610


Now you can have it all: refreshing taste without sugar, caffeine, or sodium. Ideal for hydration, Nutricare Sugar-Free Beverage Crystals are the easy way to serve up a thirst-quenching, delicious drink anytime, anywhere. Serve with medications or as a refreshing mealtime beverage for patients on virtually any diet.

Sugar-free (S.F.) Beverage Crystals

BrandProductPackCodeNutrition Info
Nutricare Assorted Tea (Yield: 2 Gals.)(Ice Tea W/lemon, Raspberry Tea, Peach Tea) 12/pack 556543 N/A
Nutricare Peach Tea (Yield: 2 Gals.) 12/pack 555043
Nutricare Ice Tea With Lemon (Yield: 2 Gals.) 12/pack 555143
Nutricare Strawberry Kiwi (Yield: 2 Gals.) 12/pack 555343
Nutricare Raspberry Tea (Yield: 2 Gals.) 12/pack 555543
Nutricare Fruit Punch (Yield: 2 Qts.) 48/pack 554017
Nutricare Lemonade (Yield: 2 Qts.) 48/pack 554117
Nutricare Orange (Yield: 2 Qts.) 48/pack 554317
Nutricare Cranberry (Yield: 2 Qts.) 48/pack 554717
Nutricare Assorted* (Yield: 2 Qts.)*(Fruit Punch, Lemonade, Orange) 48/pack 554217
Nutricare Fruit Punch (Yield: 2 Gals.) 12/pack 554043
Nutricare Lemonade (Yield: 2 Gals.) 12/pack 554143
Nutricare Grape (Yield: 2 Gals.) 12/pack 554443
Nutricare Citrus Pack* (Yield: 2 Gals.)*(Orange, Lemonade) 12/pack 554843
Nutricare Assorted* (Yield: 2 Gals.)*(Fruit Punch, Lemonade, Orange) 12/pack 554243