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Dean Distributors is a manufacturer of specialty food products focused on the needs of the food industry. For over 70 years, we have built a reputation for manufacturing quality products with a dedication to efficiency, while exceeding the needs of our customers.

We are very proud of our portfolio of quality, competitive products, including syrups, sauces, seasonings, dessert mixes, soup bases, sugar-free beverages, and a line of specifically designed for the healthcare segment of the food service industry. Our products are exclusively marketed through a network of nationwide distributors as our own brands DEAN, Nutricare, and Flavor-Glow. DEAN Distributors combines the values of a family-owned and operated business with state-of-the art technology to bring quality and value to our customers.

Our corporate headquarters is in San Rafael, California, North of San Francisco. Our warehouse is in Southern California.

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Nutricare is a line dedicated to the healthcare industry. Our variety of products are used in nursing homes, convalescent and rehabilitation facilities as well as other senior living centers. Our products specialize in No Sugar Added desserts and beverages, as well as a variety of sizes of food thickener.

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FLAVOR-GLOW is the leader in supplying a complete line of specialty food seasonings to the food service industry. Chefs have been using FLAVOR-GLOW to enhance casseroles, gravies, soups and sauces for over 70 years. Only when products have outstanding quality and give superior value, can they withstand this test of time.

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Our Dean product line includes an assortment of food colorings, extracts, sauces, and syrups. These items can be used in your favorite recipe or to enhance any dish.

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Hydration Programs

Recent studies have indicated that adults need about 6 cups a
day. The best sources of fluids are water, juices, and milk.

The best sources of fluids are water, juices, and milk. Foods such
as ice cream, soup, and gelatin are also good sources.
Caffeinated beverages can lead to fluid loss, so they
should be avoided as much as possible.

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Free Beverage

Get a free beverage dispenser of your choice with a minimum case purchase of NutriCare®
Sugar-Free Beverage Crystals.

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